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Tip # 1: Down The Road Motors

One of the worst things that a Car Shopper can do is just wake up one morning, get dressed and go out Car Shopping. 

Car Shopping is in a class of it's own and there are many tricks of the trade that the average Car Shopper is not aware of. 

The reality is that when a person just shows up at Down The Road Motors they are called; Fresh Up. 

In other words: Fresh Meat.

Just the idea that you just pulled up on the Car Lot saying I came to Buy a Car today invites foolery.

Car Salesman and Management Staff are highly trained in the Art of the Deal. Sad to say, most people are not. 

I could write a book about why you shouldn't just show up at Down The Road Motors. The reason is simple. Home Court Advantage. 

It's like that old saying: Come a little closer said the spider to the fly. (lol) 

My best advice to any and everyone is to sit back at home or in your office and take advantage of the tech that is your hand or lap. Do not just show up at Down the Road Motors. 

Tip #2: Finding the Perfect Car

Thanks to technology we have a huge advantage over past generations of Car Shoppers. We have the Internet, Apps, Radio and TV to aid in our search for the perfect Car. 

There are many vehicle search sites out there that serve to bring most dealership's and private sellers inventory right into the palm of your hands. 

This is good sound advice: Find the perfect Car long before you head out to Down The Road Motors. 

I retired from being a Car Salesman in 2017. Within one week of beginning my retirement I started getting calls from lots of my previous customers. 

They were in the Market for another car or a car for the kid, yea, the freshman. 

Anyway I would jot down as much information about the Car they tried to describe to me. Then, I would go online and start searching. 

I noticed that one of the most valuable and informative vehicle search sites was Edmunds.

In my mind I had struck gold. Everything is there. Location based, lots of clear vehicle images, expert reviews, vehicle history reports and so on. 

For this Tip; My best advice is to use to Find the Perfect Car

Tip #3: Hey!!! That's my money!

Here is where most Car Shoppers make their biggest and most costly mistake. 

They break all the rules... 1st, they just show up at Down The Road Motors. 2nd, they don't have any idea of the Car they want, the Price, Vehicle History, etc.

And now this: No money and asking for a Car with no money down. It happens, but your Credit has to be great... and if it is.. come with a check to buy a car! . 

At Down The Road Motors you are Customer (idiot) of the Month... lol. Seriously, do you go to the mall without knowing in advance how much money you have?

Most people have a bank account... or credit union. Hopefully you've been a loyal customer long enough to apply for a Car Loan in house. 

However, there are many Financial Institutions that may Finance that beautiful Honda CRV that you fell in love with.  Many are online and some don't care about your bad credit. 

The interest rate is something that you need to focus on as well. 

My best advice is find your best auto loan offer from competing lenders: use SuperMoney