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The United States is one of the biggest markets for vehicle sales in the world. This is not just a claim; it is a fact that’s established after years of gathering data, conducting surveys, and looking for changes in the global market. 

The total number of 276 million cars on the US streets and roads is proving that this market is the biggest in the world. That's a whole lot of car shoppers. 

We're here to help... The days of being greeted by a smiling car salesman and a firm handshake is now, ill advised, to say the least. Traditional car shopping and car buying is being reshaped by the world we now, live.

Regardless of the industry, we must all accept that social dististancing is a vital part of our now, daily routine. We have adjusted the way cars are being sold by offering, solo test drives, trade in pick up as well as home delivery. (see details)

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Finding the perfect car

How to find the perfect car

Car buying can be a very difficult process. 1st, you have to find the perfect car, truck or SUV, that fits your needs and budget. 

There are many car search websites out there to make car shopping a lot easier, especially during this time. The old conventional method of going to the car dealership and pulling on door handles is no longer needed, and may not be safe, as before. 

Now, thanks to secure online services you can find the perfect car, at home, in your pj's. 

We reviewed all of the car search sites and took a vote. Which site was the best? Which site provided car shoppers with the best and most comprehensive reviews and testing of both new cars and used cars. won hands down. 

You can browse all of the cars for sale in your area, and see the FREE Carfax: report. You will also see the best car prices (e-price), read expert reviews and connect with a dealer.

Find the perfect car, truck, van or SUV today!  Find the best car deals near you. 

Find A Car Near You! 

Use our e-price quote system, get a price for the vehicle without having to visit the dealership.

Use our e-price quote system, without having to visit the dealership. 

Car Financing or Refinancing

Getting your new or used car financed

When we looked at car financing we found out that allowing the car dealership to try to find financing for the car you are trying to buy is not a great idea. Dealerships love to tout out that we have 30 or 40 lenders to finance our cars. 

Well, that sounds great until you examine exactly how the process works and how it will impact your car deal, and more importantly, your life, your money. 

Car dealerships are connected via the internet to lenders who specialize in financing cars. The process is quite simple actually. When you submit your credit app, it is then uploaded to the dealership data base. 

It is also sent electronically to the various finance companies. These finance companies take a look at your credit app begin pulling your credit.  One by one, each finance company will review your information and either make an offer or decline to make an offer.

We actually just revealed to you why you have to sit at a car dealership for hours, sometimes, all day. This is because the dealership is looking for a car financing deal that nets the dealership more profit. 

So, we have decided to recommend that you apply for, and get, your own car financing from the comfort of your own home. Our research revealed as the best option. 

If you are ready to finance a new car, or used car, look no further. 

Apply for Car Loan

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MyAutoLoan offers new-car, used-car loans & refinancing options. All credit accepted

The best Car Insurance

Get an Online Quote. Get an instant 12% off. Only pay for what you need.

What is the best car insurance out there?

Good question. Having good car insurance coverage is essential for car owners. Lets face it, stuff happens. 

One of the worst situation you can find yourself in is having an accident, your fault or the other person, and not have any car insurance or not enough car insurance.

Car Insurance can vary state to state and cost to cost. Some people are actually paying more for car insurance than they should because they don't shop for car insurance as they do for other things.

Our team here at CarFinderUSA started checking the services of 20 or so different car insurance providers and found that not all have good quality insurance or good customer service in the event that something does happens to your nice new or used car. 

By the way, if your car is already 10 years, don't waste your money on full coverage car insurance. If your car gets totaled in a car wreck, you will only get paid what the car is worth based on today car values. 

Our recommendation is sound. Based on our car insurance companies investigation, we  highly suggest getting a free online quote from Liberty Mutual.  

Get high quality car insurance and Only Pay, for What You Need. 

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Car Buying Assistance

Stay Home, Stay Safe, We got this.

CarFinderUSA®, offers a Premium Car Buying Service that is 100% Free to all Car Shoppers. We can help you find, finance and buy new cars, used cars, trucks, hybrids or SUV's.  

Now you can get the best car deal possible with our 100% Free Car Buying Service. Our Car Buying Service is like having you very own, personal, automotive sales consultant. 

We are professional Car Buyers and we know all of the tricks of the trade. We also know how to find cars, trucks, SUV's, vans and hybrids for sale in your area and help you buy a car at the lowest possible price. 

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Find, finance and buy new cars, used cars, trucks, hybrids, SUV's. Shop local inventory.

Car Buying Services





New Cars, Used Cars, Cars for Sale. 

We've got it covered! 





All cars must pass 150 point mechanical and safety Inspection!





We are awesome car price negotiators. We Fight for you!





The Smart Way to Finance a Car. 

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Warranties for new cars, used cars, trucks, hybrid cars and SUV's.





Your new car. or used car, we be cleaned, sanitized, and delivered to your home.

new cars, used cars, trucks, hybrids or SUV's.

How this works

Try our 100% free car buying service

  • Just tell us the kind of car, truck, van, hybrid or SUV you want.


  • We conduct a Pro Car Search at local Auto Auctions and Dealers. 

  • We negotiate with the Dealership or Private Seller for Discounts.

  • We help with Warranty, Financing, Auto Insurance, Taxes & Tags.

  • Car will be Cleaned, Disinfected and Delivered to your door. 

Saves Time and Money!

 The advantage of using a car buying service is the savings. Not only can we save you money, we can also save you a lot of time, and stress.