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Small Business Solutions.

CarFinderUSA can also provide transportation solutions for Small Business. 

The guy in the picture is Eduardo.. he owns a small flooring business in South Carolina. 

Eduardo joined CarfinderUSA. He needed a bigger vehicle due to growth in his business. 

After speaking with him, his Personal Car Buying Consultant submitted his request.

Within 24 hours we located the best vehicle for his needs as well as got the vehicle at the rock bottom price. Not retail price, Auction Price and we passed the saving on to Eduardo!

Where did we find this perfect vehicle? At Manheim Auto Auction in Trenton, New Jersey. 

After viewing pictures of the vehicle and our recommendations and vehicle status reports, we made a bid on the vehicle and secured the purchase. 

We delivered the vehicle. Eduardo was happy to say the least. 


a closer look


Manheim Auto Auction

Manheim Auto Auction is probably the worlds largest Auto Auction. This is where the big boys wheel and deal to buy and sell used cars for their Dealerships. 

We have access! We can locate a vehicle  for you at Manheim Auto Auction in a matter of hours. We will give you a detailed report about the vehicle with images.

If you accept the vehicle and a specific amount that you are willing to bid on the vehicle, we will Represent you at the Auction. 

If we are able to secure that vehicle at a price no more than your bid, then we've already saved you a truck load of money. 



The System for Award Management (SAM) is a Federal Government owned and operated free website that consolidates the capabilities in CCR/FedReg, ORCA, and EPLS.

SAM is used by anyone interested in the business of the Federal Government, including:

-Entities who need to register to do business with the government, look for opportunities or assistance programs, or report subcontract information;

-Government contracting and grants officials responsible for activities with contracts, grants, past performance reporting and suspension and debarment activities;

Our acceptance into the SAM Program allows us to bid on State and Federal Transportation Contracts and provide Fleet Acquisitions.  


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