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After a decade of selling new cars and used cars I have learned a lot. I am retired now but I wanted to find a way to share my vast knowledge of car selling and car buying with anyone who needs it.

Buying a new car or used car is the 2nd biggest purchase that you will ever make in your life so it is very important to learn as much as you can about the car buying process.

We created this webpage so that car shoppers can find out what are good or bad car buying practices, before going to their local car dealership. 

Here you can ask a professional (retired) car salesman anything your little heart desires and get an honest and unbiased answer.

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Car Buyer Questions

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What is the internet price?

Most people don't know this but lots of car dealerships offer one price online and another price at the actual car dealership. The e-price is usually the lowest price. 

Can I get a free Carfax?

Many of the larger dealerships will be happy to provide a free Carfax for any car in their current inventory, however, some of the smaller lots do not. 

Should I opt for a warranty?

Most new cars come with a generous warranty package, it's the used cars that you need to careful in finding the right warranty based on the potential needs of the car. . 

Personal Car Salesman

It's like getting inside info..

When you have someone to help you, buy a car, or guide you, but not try to influence you, that's called wise counsel. We promise to give you the right answers.

When the average person goes to buy a car they don't really know or understand exactly how the car buying process works. We do.

We know all of the right questions to ask, and we are very happy for the chance to answer all of your car buying questions. On average, it takes just a an hour, at the most, to get a response to your inquiry by email.  

However, If you need a answer right away, just call or text us at 803-256-0320. 

car, new cars, used cars, cars for sale, trucks, trucks for sale, SUV, SUV for sale, hybrid cars

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