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We took a look at the Car Buying Process and figured out a way to streamline it and allow Car Shoppers to Buy a Car (outside) of the Box.

How do you Buy a Car (outside) of the Box? 

1st, let me tell you what the Box is. In the Automotive Industry there exist words and phrases that are used to define the different aspects of the Customer and Car Buying Process. 

For example: When a person just shows up at a Car Dealership the Sales Staff and Management will refer to that person as a Fresh Up. (Fresh Meat)

In this case we're going to discuss How to Buy a Car (outside) of the Box. 

The Box is the most deadly part of any Car Dealership. Why? 

It's the Finance Office. 

After you have spent some time with the salesman and you have decided to Buy the Car, the next step is going to the Finance Office to (hopefully) review the Car Deal and ultimately Sign and Drive.

Once inside "The Box" make sure you take a good long look at the Finance Contract. Look for The Little Boxes. 


Inside the Box


The Finance Office

This is where you go to finalize your Car Deal. The Salesman is not allowed to participate in this process. In other words: It's just YOU and the Wizard of OZ.

The Finance Manager

We call the Finance Manager the Wizard of Oz because this person knows all of the tricks of the trade. He is not there to save you money. In fact the Dealership is depending on The Wizard to figure out a way to make and increase the profits from all Cars being sold. 

Those Little Boxes

If you've ever bought a Car before and had to Sign the Finance Contract I pray to God, that you paid attention to the 5 or 6 little boxes listed somewhere on the Contract. 

Those little boxes were not put there as some strange form of decoration. Those little boxes only serve one purpose, and that is to get more of YOUR hard earned money. Period. 

How to survive the box

Little Boxes


The lady in the picture actually wrote a folk song entitled Little Boxes... it is used as the theme song on the popular tv series Weeds. (tap pic for video) 

Not those kinds of Little Boxes. The Little Boxes we're referring to can cost you a lot of money when you are Buying a Car.



One of those Little Boxes is for Fabric and Upholstery Protection. The translation is they will just spray your seats with a simple well known product and charge you say: 300 dollars... sayyy whaaa.... 

You can buy Scotch-Gard at the nearest Walmart and spray your own Car Seats. (tap the pic to see how much this cost)

Paint Protection


Here's another one of those Little Boxes that you Don't Need to Check Off, or: allow the Wizard to check it off for you. 

That New Car that you're about to Buy, already has Factory Paint Protection.

Don't check the damn box,  and save 450 bucks. (tap pic for video)

Buying a Car Outside of the Box

If you look at the Car Buying conundrum you will see that there are really only 3 simple elements needed to Buy a Car, New or Used.

We searched high and low to find the best companies out there in their particular niche and place them all right at your fingertips. 

Below you will find everything that you need to Find, Finance and Buy a Car totally outside of the Box. 

All you have to do is follow each step. 

At the End of the Process, You go the Dealer with a Check in your hand, and fully Insured. No little Boxes!

No Little Boxes here

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