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New Car Incentives

New-car incentives and rebates are key deals to be aware of as a car shopper. These deals aim to boost sales of certain models and encourage brand loyalty. They often take the form of cash discounts off the vehicle, low APR interest rates for financing, or exclusive lease offers.

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Vehicle shown: 2021 Nissan Altima

Incentives and rebates can vary by region and often change from one month to the next. The best car deals, in other words, tend to be moving targets. It’s always a good idea to check the latest offers on Edmunds before heading to the dealer to buy a new car.

Learn How to Buy a Car, Like Pro.

CarFinderUSA® 7-9-2021 3-min read

Whether you are a first-time car buyer or have bought cars before, nothing will ever take the place of learning the car buying process and more importantly, how to master it.

Each year, millions of car shoppers go out and buy a car and are clueless. They are totally at the mercy of the car dealership. This results in a bad car deal for you but a sweet car deal for the car dealership.

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Buying a new car or used car is a little like a game show. Choose the right door and you win your prize — a sweet deal on a great car. Choose the wrong door and you’ll lose money and hate the car buying experience.

We are here to educate Car Shoppers in the car-buying process before you go out to buy your first or next car. Learn how you can save lots of time, stress, and a ton of money when buying a new car, or used car.


  • Get Pre-Approved
  • Find the Perfect Car
  • Get Low-Cost Auto Insurance


Knowledge is Power.

Intelligent and Well Informed


Learn How to Save lots of Time and a Ton of Money when Buying a Car.

3 Steps to Buying a New Car or Used Car

#1, Get Pre-Approved 1st

Getting a car financed is what takes so long at the car dealership.

You go to the car dealership, test drive a car. Now time comes to do the paperwork. Your salesman inputs all your info into the system and the fun begins.

For the next 2 to 4 hours you are going to be sitting and waiting, probably hoping and praying, that you get approved for that candy apple red Camaro you just proposed to.

In some cases after waiting hours a car shopper will be told that they didn’t qualify for the car. A day waisted, no deal. How to avoid this?

A smart car shopper will acquire Auto Financing beforehand and not rely on the Car Dealership to offer financing that benefits them, and not you.

Most people have a local bank account. It is always a great idea to apply for a Car Loan through your own bank or credit union. This is the best place to start the car buying process. Not the car dealership.

Why? Because you already have a relationship with your bank, hopefully you have direct deposit and you maintain your account on the sunny side of life. You will be able to know upfront exactly how much car you can afford.

Putting it plainly a Car Loan lets you purchase or refinance your vehicle while rebuilding credit. In the event that your bank or credit union will not make a car loan to you there are other options.

Everyone’s story is different. Life happens and sometimes bad things happen to good people. We recommend applying for a car loan through FreshStart. They are a safe and effective alternative for getting a car financed.

In some cases, borrowers are approved with outstanding debt on car payments and having gone through car repossession.

Regardless of who’s to blame for financial troubles, there is a way out.

FreshStart Car Loans are your superhero, saving you from unsatisfactory credit history and a bad credit score.

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Get Financed Now

FreshStart Car Loans are a way we can help you meet your financial goals. They even sit down with you at closing and offer free credit counseling.  

#2, Find the Perfect Car

You know the car you want. Now it’s time to find it on a dealer’s lot. 

You could go to a local dealership’s webpage and search the inventory, but that particular dealer might not have the vehicle you want in stock.

And it’s time-consuming to repeat that process across a dozen other dealer sites. 

But help is at hand: Edmunds’ new car or used car inventory tools give you the ability to cast a wider net by searching through their extensive dealership network.

Just enter the make and model for any car in the search bar. If you’re interested in a used car, click “Used Cars for Sale.” 

Make sure to set your ZIP code correctly to see the vehicles closest to you. If you’re not sure what vehicles to consider, take a look at their expert car reviews page

Also, don’t forget to check out the New Car Incentives.

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Search Local Inventory

Edmunds New Car/Used Car Inventory has more than 5 million Cars, Trucks, and SUVs for sale near you.   

#3,Get the Cheapest Auto Insurance

The final step in buying a car is putting insurance on the car. 

After you have found the car, truck or SUV that you want grab the Vin # from inside the driver door frame. 

By the way, there is a free Vin # Checker App that is easy to download from Google Play.

Also, getting the right Auto Insurance can be a bit tricky so it pays to shop around and get an insurance quote.

You can even customize your policy with Comprehensive Coverage for an extra layer of protection from things besides a collision, including theft. 

If you lease or finance your car, this coverage may be required.

We recommend getting an insurance quote upfront to make sure the car payments and insurance payments will fit in your budget.

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Get an Insurance Quote

EverQuote is an independent insurance marketplace and is a free service that helps consumers compare quotes on auto insurance. 

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I also learned that the average person or car shopper does not really have a clue as to how to buy a car the right way. Most people get it wrong. They just search the kind of car, truck or SUV that they want and then contact the car dealership or private seller.

This website teaches car shoppers the best way to buy a car and gives car shoppers valuable insight into the car buying process.

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