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About us

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Time is money, right? Well buying a car isn’t just about time, it’s also about money. Most people don’t have the time to look around for the best deal on a new car, or used car. We do.

We make sure our members don’t waste their time by finding them great deals on new or used cars they want in less than 24 hours! Our algorithm is configured to find the best car deals based on your price range and your preferences.

With our Premium Car Buying Service, you will get your dream car without the headaches of purchasing one on your own. We walk you through every step of the process from start to finish and make it as easy as possible for you to get into that gorgeous new or used car that you want/need.

Car Buyer Services

Personal Adviser

We will provide you any advice about cars for sale, reliability, and value. New cars or used cars, car lease or purchase. Auto financing sources, after-market warranties, add-ons, and accessories. Plus, any other car buying-related matters.

Personal Shopper

Once you decide which car, truck or SUV is the right one for you, our team conducts a professional car search in your local area as well as the rest of the Nation (if necessary) to find the perfect new or pre-owned car of your choice.

Price Negotiator

When the right car is identified and approved by you, our professional industry car buyers will negotiate the best car deal for every aspect of your purchase. Such as car pricing, car warranties, car trade-in values, and discounts.

Home Delivery

After all the negotiations are finalized, we make all the arrangements about every detail of your car deal to make sure the process is legal, and transparent. Just sign your documents and take delivery at your home or place of business.

CarFinderUSA member standing next to her used Lexus SUV that was delivered to her office.

We are Professional Car Buyers

Not only do we focus on finding the perfect car, truck or SUV for our members while saving you hundreds, if not thousands. We also apply the Principles listed below:


We strive to be totally honest with our members and we never sugar-coat any car-buyer related  information.


Because we are professional independent car buyers, we are NOT beholden to any particular  car dealership. We work for you.


We keep the lines of communication open with our members. Nothing is hidden.


Using the latest technology we have access to all cars for sale, trucks, and SUVs. Pricing and accurate Vehicle History Reports.

The Best Way to Buy a Car

New cars are a big investment. Used cars, on the other hand, can be a great way to save money and still have a reliable car. But before you buy any kind of car, there are four key steps to take. Tap each Icon to reveal the service.

#1, Get Pre-approved 1st

A smart car shopper will acquire Auto Financing beforehand and not rely on the Car Dealership to offer financing that benefits them, more than you. In other words, apply for Auto Financing before going to the car dealership. 

#2, Find the perfect car

There are cars for sale everywhere. However, the trick is finding the Car, Truck or SUV that’s just perfect for you. Find the perfect car, connect directly with the dealer or private seller. Get Vehicle History Reports, and more.

#3, Get insurance quotes

We recommend getting an insurance quote upfront to make sure the car payments and auto insurance payments will fit in your budget.

#4, Slam Doors, kick tires

This is our way of saying please make sure YOU do a thorough vehicle inspection and test drive. Remember, once you sign, it’s yours, not mine.

CarFinderUSA member posing next to her new, used Ford Edge in the best way to buy a car

What our members are saying

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what a few of our members said:

CarFinderUSA helped us get this nice Infiniti. The process was fast and easy. Thanks William. 

My Flooring business was growing and I needed a bigger truck. CarFinderUSA found this truck for me. Gracias! 

I traded in my old Lincoln and CarFinderUSA got this Lexus SUV for me really cheap and delivered it.

Why Join CarFinderUSA?

Our Premium Car Buying Service is the best alternative to conventional car shopping.

We have extensive knowledge of vehicle specific pricing, offers, discounts and incentives for all popular cars, trucks and SUVs.

Joining CarFinderUSA means saving lots of time and money.

On average we save our members $500.00 to $1,500 on used cars and up to $7,500 on new cars.

Buy New Cars, Used Cars for Sale, Car Buying Service.

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Covid-19 Safety Protocol

When a car shopper Joins CarFinderUSA we handle everything from finding you the perfect Car, Truck or SUV; to having it delivered to your front door.

CarFinderUSA is committed to the safety and well-being of all of our staff and members. Please know that we adhere to all Covid-19 safety protocols. 

All staff members have reported being fully vaccinated and we require all staff members to wear face-mask when interacting face-to-face with any of our members, staff or other partners. 

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Thanks to Our Partners

What makes Joining CarFinderUSA a great idea? It’s our Partnerships. We have built awesome connections with top companies who in-turn grant us exclusive discounts for our members.

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