Professional Car Buying Tips

These Tips are for everyone who is considering Buying a Car.

Finding the right Car is more than the Color or Amenities. 

I've sold Cars to people whose main concern was the outward appearance of the vehicle or how much "boom" the stereo could muster. 

This is serious business. You are looking to provide reliable and cost effective transportation for yourself or family for an extended period. 

(booming sound system included)

It is definitely in your best interest to learn and apply these Tips before going out to Buy your 1st or Next Car. 

Hint: Never just show up at a Car Dealership 

The Dealership term for anyone who does this is called a Fresh Up. 

As soon as the Sales Staff or Management hear about this "visions of dollars signs" begin to flash before them. 

The term Fresh Up reminds me of Fresh Meat... and that's exactly how you will be perceived. 

I'm not gonna say anything else about this. If you were planning on heading on over to Down the Road Motors to Buy a Car, don't.  Follow our Tip #1.

Tip # 1

 Find a Car long before going to the Dealership. Learn as much as you can about the Car, and the Dealership.  


Stay in control of your own money!

 Let's take a closer look: 

Most Car Dealerships use highly sophisticated software to connect with various Financial Institutions to find out who is willing to Finance that fire engine red Camaro you fell in love with during the test drive. 

Normally, either while you are on the Test Drive or shortly there after, the Search for Financing the Vehicle begins. 

Based on the information that you have provided, such as your Personal Information, Employment and Social Security Number, the New or Used Car Manager will input your data into the system to see who will accept you. 


Meanwhile, you're sitting there in the Salesman's Office, waiting; making small talk about who got the best dang chicken sandwich, your Credit is being pulled this way and that way. 

 The Dealership is Searching for a Deal or Financing Terms that will Maximize their Profits.. 

Basically at this point the Dealership is in Control of YOUR Money!

Tip #2.

Get the Financing that you need. Before you go to Down the Road Motors.  


There is a Better Way to Find, Finance and Buy a Car.

 Car Buying Services are NOT Car Dealerships. 

The typical Car Buying Service is an Independent Entity and is not beholden to any particular Dealership. All you have to do is tell the Car Buying Service what kind of Vehicle you want and your Price Point.

It's like telling a hair stylist how you want your hair done and you just lay back and let them work their magic... yea, it's just like that.

The upside to using a Car Buying Service is the Savings. 

No  more running around all over town from Dealership to Dealership and No Salesman blowing up your phone day and night. 


Also, If you are one of the rare people who just love to hang out for several hours at a Car Dealership to Buy a Car, then; help yourself. 

However, if you are the type of person who wants to get Professional Car Buying Advice and Assistance, CarFinderUSA is perfect for you. 

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Tip # 3.

Don't go to court without a Lawyer and Don't try to Buy a Car without Professional Advice.  


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